Microsoft is refunding Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PC players because no one is playing it

Shooters are really struggling this fall.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare released about 4 days ago and some groups of players are already having troubles finding online matches due to lack of players. Those who bought the game on PC had the option of purchasing the new entry in the popular series on Steam or the Windows Store. Those who opted to purchase from the Windows Store found a pretty big surprise. They can only play with other people who bought the game from the Windows Store, and for those unaware, not many people really buy games off of the Windows Store.

Activision split the player base significantly by separating Windows and Steam players and many Windows players are ticked off because they have no one to play with and can't play with their friends on Steam. Players are finding themselves in lobbies with just one other player due to the lack of people.

Disappointed fans have reached out to Microsoft for refunds and they're having no trouble getting their money back. Call of Duty on PC has never been massive, but it always has an active group of players keeping the game somewhat alive. It seems that Activision splitting the players and the negativity surrounding the game has caused the game to be dead on arrival over on PC. It'll be interesting to see if Activision or Microsoft reverse this decision so all players can play together to keep everyone happy.

It's also worth noting that Infinite Warfare's sales in the UK are nearly half of 2015's Black Ops 3's sales, which is not a good sign for a follow-up game in a massive franchise.

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