Microsoft Flight Simulator launches Day-1 on Steam, TrackIR & VR supported

Cleared for Takeoff

The return of a giant is near. The newest Microsoft Flight Simulator is merely a couple of weeks away from its launch on PC and now we learn that Steam users have reason to sigh out in relief. MFS will be available both on the Microsoft Store and Steam on August 18th. Check out the Steam page of the game to pre-order your pick.

It’s still difficult to believe that a new flight simulator from Microsoft is actually happening. And it’s almost here for everyone to live out their childhood fantasies of being a captain of massive airliners or small propeller planes.

Almost two decades after the last main release, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is aiming to bring the iconic franchise back into the limelight. And to bolster their ambitions, Microsoft has shared that Steam users won’t be treated as second-class citizens and will have access to the simulator from Day-1. For value-oriented gamers, getting access to the game via Game Pass for PC ought to be a much more sensible option, however. The great thing here is, it’s your choice!

Xbox Game Studios and Asobo Studio are committed to the community, and the ongoing support of Microsoft Flight Simulator with experience enhancing features like those we’ve announced today. But we have even more planned post-launch! In the future, we will update our development roadmap with continued simulator updates such as themed DLC bundles, free world updates and more. We will be sharing more news in the coming months.

Furthermore, to elevate the realistic flight experience, Microsoft Flight Simulator will support TrackIR. A popular head-tracking device for PC that allows seamless camera motion by tracking the player’s real-world head movements. Other simulators like DCS World and the ARMA series have proven that TrackIR can be a real game-changer for immersion.

And if that isn’t enough immersion for you, Microsoft Flight Simulator will also support Virtual Reality headsets. The ultimate immersive experience will be added to the game later this Fall together with the launch of Microsoft’s and HP’s new high-end VR device, the HP Reverb G2. But rest assured, other VR kits will be supported as well.