Microsoft ‘committed to Xbox 360 for years’, despite Xbox One’s arrival

As we enter a new generation of gaming with the Xbox One, Microsoft wants gamers to know they won't be abandoning the Xbox 360. As with any transition, there will likely be those who are slower to adopt the Xbox One. For many, the Xbox 360 remains a viable piece of hardware that fills their gaming/entertainment desires. But the big question is how much longer can Xbox 360 owners count on  Microsoft's support for it.

"Years," said corporate VP of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer when asked that very same question by OXM. "Last generation was different for us, we moved pretty quickly. This time, you will see us staying committed to the Xbox 360.

"I think it's a great platform. In certain areas, like trying to switch apps quickly, it shows that it was built in a different era, but in terms of the price point, the content library – I don't have the stats, but I bet it's the largest content library ever created in the history of the game space.

"So it's a great time even now to get into the Xbox 360 ecosystem," Spencer concluded. "It's something we'll remain committed to on the content side as well as the platform itself."

Of course, talks is cheap. Microsoft's actions at E3, in which they unveiled a new, smaller version of the Xbox 360 is proof enough that they don't plan on ditching the console just yet. The new Xbox 360 sports a sleeker look, one that compliments the Xbox One. Even beyond new games, Xbox 360 games are unable to play on the Xbox One, so you might just have to have both systems on your shelf. For newcomers, a lower price point for the Xbox 360 wouldn't hurt either.