Microsoft CEO says that fan response to Xbox One X has been “incredible,” wants to expand on opportunities in “100+ billion gaming market”

That's what releasing the most powerful console ever will do for you.

Unsurprisingly, Xbox One X has been a success for Microsoft, and it is set to be one of the most sought-after pieces of technology this holiday season. Speaking to shareholders, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that the company is prepping for expansion in the way it conducts gaming business.

Said Nadella (via DualShockers):

"We’re mobilizing to pursue an expansive opportunity in the 100+ billion gaming market. This means broadening our approach to how we think about gaming end-to-end. About starting with games and how they’re created and distributed, and how they’re played and viewed."

A big part of this strategy would seem to include crossplay functionality, as Nadella talked about connecting PC, console, and mobile players as well as a desire to "grow and engage the over 53 million Xbox Live members more deeply and frequently."

Specifics on what these plans involve was obviously lacking, but you can probably expect social engagement to be a big part of the strategy. Sea of Thieves is one such game spearheading Xbox's current initiative as it features crossplay between PC and Xbox One players and can run at 540p and 15 FPS on even the dinkiest of laptops.

Additionally, Nadella called the fan response on Xbox One X "incredible" and expects the "most technically advanced and most powerful console ever built" to have a successful run this holiday season.

The Xbox One X is available now.

[DualShockers via OnMSFT]