Michael Crichton’s Timeline Comes to Life on PC


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Crichton’s Timeline Comes to Life on PC


world based on best-selling novel to hit shelves this fall


FRANCISCO, June 22, 2000 – Eidos Interactive announced today that Michael
Crichton’s best-selling novel, Timeline, is being developed into an
interactive world for release on personal computers this holiday season. 
This title is the first venture from the previously announced publishing
agreement between Eidos Interactive and developer Timeline Computer


is a vast market of personal computer owners who haven’t experienced the
excitement of interactive entertainment and I see Timeline as a great
introduction for them," said Crichton. "With its immersive story and
diverse authentic environments recreating life in the 14th century,
Timeline will have broad appeal."


Crichton, whose many best-selling novels include Jurassic Park, Disclosure and
Airframe, is directly involved in the design and creation of the title. 
It is being developed at the North Carolina headquarters of Timeline Computer
Entertainment, formerly called Timeline Studios.


"We’re thrilled to work with as visionary a talent as Michael Crichton on
this project, but rest assured, this is not a mere licensing
arrangement," explains Mike McGarvey, COO of Eidos Interactive. 
"Mr. Crichton is directly involved to guarantee that Timeline exceeds the
high expectations of his fans."


Timeline will break new ground with its strong emphasis on story,
interactivity, and rich diverse environments modeled with historic accuracy. 
It correlates closely with Crichton’s popular story about time-traveling
students sent on a mission to fourteenth-century feudal France to locate their
missing professor amidst the warring parties of the English and French. 
Assuming the role of a student, players in the Timeline world will experience
first-hand the suspense, adventure, and danger of this medieval era. With its
unique design focused on ease of play, Timeline will allow players to navigate
their way through this world without complex keyboard commands or unnecessary
hint books.  Available at major retailers for the 2000 holiday season, 
Timeline will surely deliver the immersive story, authenticity, and fun
Crichton fans have come to expect.  More information on Timeline can be
accessed at www.timelineworlds.com <http://www.timelineworlds.com>.


Timeline Computer Entertainment


in 1999 by best-selling author/director/producer Michael Crichton, Timeline
Computer Entertainment is a leading entertainment software company
headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.  Extending Crichton’s unsurpassed
success in storytelling, the company is creating a new line of entertainment
combining innovative storylines with highly interactive worlds. Targeting the
global mass market, the company is developing products for multiple platforms
including personal computers and next generation video game systems.  For
more information, visit Timeline Computer Entertainment on the web at
www.timelineworlds.com <http://www.timelineworlds.com>.       


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