Metroid Prime’s trademark renewed by Nintendo

Is this it? Could this FINALLY be it? Could Nintendo actually be making another Metroid game!? Are we going to get some more Samus time? Can Nintendo redeem themselves after Other M? I want this to happen, I’ve wanted this to happen, this NEEDS to happen. The Wii U is over a year old and other then a Metroid area in Nintendo Land, Nintendo hasn’t announced any plans of making a new Metroid game. I would definitely rank Metroid as one of the core backbones of the Nintendo franchise with say Super Mario Brothers and Zelda games.

Spotted by NeoGAF user Malvingt2, Nintendo has renewed their trademark on Metroid Prime. This means one of two things, either it just became time to renew the trademark because they don’t last forever or Nintendo has plans to make a brand new game. The good news is that Nintendo hasn’t abandoned Samus, the bad news is that this doesn’t confirm a new game whatsoever. It’s possible though and I am blindly hopeful.

Metroid Prime Renew

I know this always comes up, but the Wii U is PERFEFCT for the scanning aspects in Prime games. The Wii U had to have been designed with scanning in mind – I swear by this now and forever! Hey, look at Zelda: Link Between Worlds. The game is awesome, uses an old IP, and came out on the 3DS. I would be more than happy if that was the case with Metroid.

If I come off as extremely desperate it is because I am.