Metro: Last Light digital comic is an exclusive preorder bonus

Dark Horse Comics announced a new digital graphic novel today that bridges the stories of Metro 2033 and the upcoming Metro: Last Light, due out May 14.

The Gospel According to Artyom is a collaboration between Dark Horse and Dmitry Glukhovsky, the novelist whose work inspired the first game and who contributed significantly to the writing of Last Light. That doesn't mean that Glukhovsky is writing the comic, though, and Dark Horse was quiet about how many pages the book is.

However, Dark Horse noted that it will be available exclusively to customers who preorder Last Light through Steam and other retailers. No information is yet available on the comic book publisher's website.

The Steam product listing for Last Light mentions the preorder bonus and also includes a special offer of the original novel, released outside of Russia. Glukhovsky's latest book, Metro 2035, will be available in the United States this year. It follows the story of the upcoming first-person shooter video game.

Publisher Deep Silver revealed the specifications for the PC version today.

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