Metro: Last Light coming to Mac and Linux — first step in ‘broader initiative’

4A Games' first-person shooter Metro: Last Light is headed to Mac and Linux this year.

The Mac version is coming to the App Store and Steam as soon as September 10, but gamers holding out for Linux support have to wait until "later this year."

Both releases will receive all the same downloadable content as the PC and console versions. In addition, Mac owners can pick up the Developer and Chronicles packs when they launch alongside other platforms.

The Steam release will support Steam Play, which means the game will automatically be added to players' PC, Mac, and Linux libraries.

Today Deep Silver's global brand manager Huw Beynon also addressed concerns that the publisher, which acquired the Metro franchise early this year, would dumb it down to reach a broader, more casual audience.

"We understand the concern, and we would like to reassure the Metro fanbase that Deep Silver has absolutely no intention of compromising Metro's unique DNA," wrote Beynon.

"However, Deep Silver will seek to make the world of Metro more accessible to a broader audience — through a commitment to ever-higher product quality; through greater strategic investment in the brand; and, in the immediate term, through the release of dedicated Mac and Linux versions of Metro: Last Light. This is just the first stage of a broader initiative to bring Metro to a wider audience, without compromising the product's strengths."

Source: Polygon and Metro website