Metro Exodus Remained a Secret Because 4A Games Thought It was Impossible To Make

What a lucky surprise for all!

Metro Exodus was announced to a very surprised audience at E3 this year. The public had no idea the game was being worked on, as 4A kept a very tight ship around the game, and it turns out the reason isn't some elaborate secret decision. It's actually because 4A originally thought creating it would be impossible.

The game had been worked on for some time, but being a small studio of indie size working on a game with AAA quality competing with other development studios of much larger size and money, 4A had kept Metro Exodus secret in case the game never panned out.

Creative director Andriy Prokhorov states this in a recent interview with Polygon

“Why have we kept silent for so long? Because three years ago, we thought this game was almost impossible.”

Prokhorov mentioned that series author Dmitry Glukhovsky is always pushing the team to try new things, and through that, they figure out why some things are thought to be impossible at first pass.

Metro Exodus Remained a Secret Because 4A Games Thought It was Impossible To Make

“It’s really hard work, because [Glukhovsky] is very passionate in person”, Prokhorov explained. “He’s always trying to get us to do more. ‘Let’s do that!’ Well, you know, it’s technically not impossible, but it’s just not possible. ‘But why?!’”

While all this may be straining in the early stages, debates like the one above can often breed a creative product. Which is something the Metro series oozes. So, thank you Mr. Glukhovsky for being a hard-ass, we hope you give your team a rest once in a while, but know that the end result is appreciated.

Metro Exodus is slated for release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 next year.