Metal Gear Solid 3D Landing Early Next Year

Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater is easily one of the most anticipated games set for launch on Nintendo’s dual screen handheld. After all, it’s a remake of a great game, now in portable form and sporting snazzy stereoscopic visuals. That’s all kinds of win, and it’s an enticing buy for most gamers with a 3DS.

Creator Hideo Kojima had previously stated that the game was planned for a winter release. That was followed up by an announcement on the part of Konami that sadly informed gamers that Metal Gear Solid 3D wouldn’t land during the holiday 2011 season. Now, though, it appears that Kojima has clarified his previous statements.

Speaking at this year’s TGS, Kojima said that Metal Gear Solid 3D would indeed be launching this holiday season. Of course, by this holiday season, he means sometime in early 2012. Hey, the beginning of the year is still technically the holiday season!

Oh, Kojima, you’re such a rascal! In all seriousness, though, it’s great to have a launch window for Metal Gear Solid 3D. The game looks awesome, and it is likely to be a must-buy for countless 3DS owners.