Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain launch trailer marks the end of the Hideo Kojima era

A walk down memory lane for the beloved Kojima series

Hideo Kojima has been that guy that can just never hang it up.  Every entry since Sons of Liberty has had the talk of it being his last.  And that was part of his charm.  Unfortunately, it looks like The Phantom Pain will finally be the swan song to the best Tactical Espionage Action series ever made, and the game's launch trailer pays homage to every main entry in the series since 1998's then-reboot for the Playstation 1.  Of course, Kojima had a hand in the trailer's creation, directing and editing it, and the result is arguably the most epic launch trailer of all time.

No matter how busy your day is today, just take five minutes to sit down and watch it.  Despite the fact that Kojima and Konami are on the cusp of a bitter divorce, the care and passion put into the trailer is clearly evident, and it doesn’t take a fan of the series to appreciate it.  Enjoy.