Metal Gear’s Solid Snake is making a live action Voltron movie

Yes, you read that correctly

Voltron fans are going to be happy about this one, as a report by Deadline has confirmed that a live action film remake of the legendary cartoon is currently in the works. 

When Universal made their deal with Dreamworks, it wasn't just the animation deals that they acquired. The studio acquired a live action remake of Voltron that is being written by Metal Gear Solid's Snake. David Hayter, who also wrote Watchmen and X-Men, will be in charge of the script. Although known for his voice acting role in Metal Gear, Hayter also has done other main roles in Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Flash TV series and Star Wars The Old Republic

This is only the script so far, and no deal has been made for the actual production of the movie yet. Currently, Dreamworks Animation is producing the animated series on Netflix, which is set to have its second season debut in January. Would you watch a Voltron live action movie? Let us know below.