Metal Gear Online for PC officially launches today

With bonus incentives for players to hop on

The Beta for Metal Gear Online on PC has concluded and the mode has officially went live starting today. Metal Gear Online, or MGO is the online competitive multiplayer mode for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, where players go up against each other utilizing similar tactics and gadgets found in the game's single player.

The official news post on Steam message boards states that even though the mode is officially out, that the development for it is not quite done, and that they'll keep integrating new updates and balances to keep improving the experience and to add on content.

They're also giving incentive for players to hop on MGO, by giving everyone who plays at least one match between 1/19 and 1/26, 3000 bonus Gear Points. These can be used to then purchase new gear and customize your character.