Metal Gear Online add-on files are on the way

The waiting is almost over!

Metal Gear Online, the highly anticipated feature thats been longed by fans is finally almost ready to go. According to Metal Gear Online League, Japanese PS4 users are already downloading the online add-on portion of the game.

MGO3 is available on the JP PlayStation store. DL 950mb. Servers will be up tomorrow. Link:

— MGOLeague (@MGOLeague) October 5, 2015

As Metal Gear Online is only available to download in Japan right now, the tweet suggests that the download size will only be 950mb. Relatively a small download for an add-on of a game, but nonetheless the online severs will go live tomorrow. 

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain released last month with outstanding reviews, if you weren't sure to pick it up or not maybe reading our review will help out. Now with Metal Gear Online complete, players will have a chance to break off from the story and play some PVP. The PC version of MGO is still delayed until January 6.