Meridian 59 Evolution Provides the Cure for Holiday Stress Relief

Meridian 59 Evolution Provides the Cure
for Holiday Stress Relief

Player Event on Saturday to Provide Much
Needed Release of "Killer Stress"

November 26, Mountain View, California –
Two-thirds of the way through it’s 30-day free trial period for the recent
expansion, Meridian 59 Evolution has set in motion events that will test the
mettle of both new and old players alike. The guards of Tos and Barloque have
opened long-standing barricades to some of the most dangerous animals –
migrations have begun. It is expected that by the afternoon of Saturday, the
27th near the hour of 2 PM PST (5 PM EST), many of these ferocious creatures
will reach areas populated by the denizens of towns and villages. Rats,
Skeletons, Orcs, Giant Ants and even the famous Yeti have been sighted on the

All manner of game hunter is encouraged to
push back the invasions. No help is too little. If you wish to help, but are not
yet a citizen, you may apply free of charge at the local immigration office at
It is said that when attacked in groups, many of these creatures can be placed
back into their designated game wards.

This just in: there is an Escapee from the
Old Jail cell in the City of Barloque! Once the mighty hordes have been pushed
back, we call upon you to help capture the convict who escaped his bonds
Thursday evening during the guards’ Thanksgiving repast. It will take many a
brave warrior to hunt down this villain and he will not be taken easily. Be
forewarned! He is a cunning and skilled criminal mastermind and it will take all
of your skills to bring him back to justice!

Should you be successful, there will be a
banquet held in Duke Arkadius’ hall attended by the Leaders and Administrators
that manage Meridian. They will be on hand to mingle with the populace and it is
said that drink loosens the tongue and they may answer any questions you may

More breaking news! Qor to Unleash Murder and
Mayhem Across the Meridian! Astronomers and Soothsayers tell us that near the
hour of 4:30pm PST on this very same day the sky will turn red and all guardian
angels will disappear! Death will be rampant – but no penalties will occur! This
unique occurrence is a chance to test your skills, try new tactics, and relieve
the tension after the day’s events. Be forewarned, in the past when red skies
have appeared, guilds have used this opportunity to test their mettle against
their enemies and any other challengers….

It is also rumored that the same said
Administrators of Meridian will be on hand to help citizens with a special
potions to increase their spells and hit points.

Event: Meridian 59 Evolution Demo Server

Date: Saturday, November 27

Time: 2 PM PST (5 PM PST) – ?

Players can sign up at

Brian "Psychochild" Green and his cohorts
will be on hand for Q&A and perhaps a little mayhem….

About Meridian 59 Evolution

Meridian 59 was originally released by The
3DO Company in 1996. In 2001, former developers of the game bought the rights to
Meridian 59 from 3DO and relaunched the game. The game has been continuously
updated since the relaunch. The game has been commercially successful and has
attracted thousands of players in the United States and Germany.

About Near Death Studios

Founded in 2001, the California-based studio
focuses on developing unique online RPGs and communities. Their award-winning
flagship product, Meridian 59, is their first offering. Upcoming projects
include a cyberpunk-themed community site at