Mega Man X iOS Is Going to Suck – Just Sayin’

Screenshots of the upcoming Mega Man X iOS were just released on, and man, do they blow! Seriously, the game seems to have lost all of its aesthetic charm. And this, my friends, is why I'm not a fan of mobile gaming. If it's not broken, don't fix it. There was nothing wrong with the visual design of Mega Man X before, but now, this iOS version looks incredibly poopy.

One user on Andriasang commented that the game looked a lot like those fake games you see on ads on different websites. I couldn't agree more. I like how a lot of Flash games look, but Mega Man X iOS looks like a really bad Flash game. Just look at that bold outlining!

Does this look good? Of course it doesn't!

Then there's the matter of the game's controls. Sure, it could control well enough, but we've seen too many classics revisited on iOS with poor controls, and it's possible that this game will suffer that same fate. Mega Man X was just meant for a traditional controller.

The game will feature 80 challenges, but these seem to be largely touch-based. I'm not certain this will warrant too much of a meaningful experience, which makes it seem like more of an unnecessary addition. Mega Man X iOS is set to launch this month in Japan. Let's hope it stays there.