Mega Man creator says he’s working on an ‘amazing’ Vita game

It's really awesome when a guy who created one of the coolest games of the 8-bit era says he's working on something new. It's even more awesome when that same guy says his game is going to be "amazing."

Keiji Inafune, famed creator of the Mega Man series, made that bold announcement today, which you can check out on YouTube. Now, I don't know Japanese, but from the sounds of it, I think Inafune said, "My upcoming game is going to be really rad, mother bitches!" (Disclaimer: Those may or may not be Inafune's actual words.)

Sadly, if you're looking for specifics, there are none. That's all the Mega Man creator said. He did add that his upcoming project was going to be very Inafune-like. I have no clue what that can mean. Had he said it would be Mega Man-like, then I'd say we've got a lead.

It seems that Sony will be publishing the game for the PlayStation Vita. Looks like there's another reason for gamers who own Sony's current portable to be totally stoked. What could Inafune have planned? Oh, the video ended with this image. Could it be indicative of anything? Probably not, but it sure is a nice picture of a book.