Meet Team Rainbow from Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Lockdown

Meet Team Rainbow from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown stars Team
Rainbow, an elite counter-terrorism unit that is spearheading a new war on
terror. They are the only ones who can save millions of innocent lives
threatened by radical terrorists. In Rainbow Six Lockdown, Team Rainbow is
personally attacked and their close-quarter battles reach unprecedented levels
of tension and intensity. They will do whatever it takes to protect their people
and bring them home. Get a deep look at the members of Team Rainbow comprised of
the world’s best operatives.

Team Rainbow does not negotiate with terror.
They destroy it. 
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown ships March
2005 and is being developed for the PlayStation®2 at Red Storm Entertainment,
and for the Microsoft Xbox® at Ubisoft’s Montreal studio.

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Born in Los Angeles, California. As an
adolescent, became involved with street gangs. After a close friend was murdered
in a gang-related drive-by shooting, Chavez joined the U.S. Army. Rose to rank
of Staff Sergeant before being recruited by CIA. Performed operations in South
America. Recruited into Rainbow by John Clark (his mentor and father-in-law).
Earned Master’s degree in International Relations. Leader of Rainbow Team-2.
Call sign: Alpha-2.

Chavez is ambitious and confident, and he
studies everything he sees, looking for new perspectives and lessons. He regards
Clark as a mentor and father figure, and is fiercely loyal to him. Chavez
understands the opportunities that were afforded him by the military, and he
feels a profound sense of a debt to the Army. Chavez also knows how to have a
good time, and has established a strong rapport with his Rainbow teammates.
Strong-willed, decisive, and fiercely loyal to his team, Chavez is a natural


Born in Göteborg, Sweden. After a few years
in private sector, joined Stockholm police force as an expert on electronic
surveillance. Recruited into ONI, the national rescue unit. Led ONI intelligence
and surveillance teams in over a dozen different counter-terrorist actions. Is
an electronics genius with multiple patents, and continues to consult between
Rainbow missions.

She is extremely confident and courageous,
although at times her lack of military training can lead her to overestimate her
ability to handle a situation. Her demeanor is somewhat stiff and analytical,
which has prevented her from cultivating close relationships with other team
members. When off duty she keeps to herself, living alone on a sailboat.


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Joined the regular
Israeli army. Transferred to Sayeret Mat’kal (Israel’s primary counter-terrorism
and hostage-rescue unit). Recruited by the Mossad. Specializes in infiltration
and intelligence gathering. Unmarried.

Yacoby doesn’t have a lot of patience for
anyone, including teammates, hostages, and civilians. Her lack of tact hasn’t
made her a popular person. She snaps at teammates if they can’t keep up with
her, and she is generally considered abrasive and humorless. The only person she
seems to get along with is Weber. However, no one doubts Yacoby’s commitment to
Rainbow, or her skill in the field. Yacoby’s recreational activities are all
solitary: running, climbing, and swimming.


Born in Munich, Germany. Graduate of the
German Army’s Bergfhrer (“Mountain Leader”) school, one of the physically
toughest schools in the world. Joined Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (“Border Control Group
9”), Germany’s special counterterrorism team. After distinguishing himself in
service to GSG-9, Weber was recruited by Rainbow. Unmarried.

Weber is a competitive, disciplined soldier
who finds tranquility and happiness in the outdoors. He delights in solitary
activities, such as hunting and climbing. Most of his social interactions with
the rest of the team are through direct competition. He is considered humorless
and arrogant by the other members of the team.


Born in London. Served as a color sergeant in
the 22nd Special Air Service (SAS). Fought terrorism in Northern Ireland with
the 14th Intelligence Company. The 14th performs in Northern Ireland, monitoring
known IRA targets and pre-emptively striking at terrorist targets. Recruited
into Rainbow in 1998.

Price is mild-mannered and quiet, but
good-natured. He’s experienced, observant, and a shrewd judge of character. A
seasoned veteran, he remains cool and collected under fire. He makes a point of
being formal when addressing his superiors, and puts a great deal of stock in
the chain of command. He believes in doing things properly and by-the-book, and
he tends to be cautious and conservative. Price enjoys smoking his pipe,
reading, and working out at the gym.


Born in Bani Suwayf, Egypt. Enlisted in
Egyptian Army. Joined Task Force 777, Egypt’s counter-terrorism team.
Cross-trained with SAS, developed contacts with US, British and German training
units. Recruited by Rainbow.

Murad believes that knowledge is the key to
victory in all areas of life. Everywhere he goes, he studies the people and the
culture, hoping to gain some new insight into human nature. His interests
include architecture, music, literature, and history. In his spare

time, he paints.


Born in Paris. Former member of the French
Parachute Division. Detailed to DGSE, the French military intelligence agency.
Involved in tactical espionage and counter-espionage throughout Europe.
Recruited into Rainbow in 1998.

Loiselle fosters an air of camaraderie and
team solidarity on every mission. Though he takes his job very seriously, he
manages to see the bright side of things, and this keeps morale high. Loiselle
is 35, and is starting to go grey. This terrifies him. He cannot pass a mirror
without executing a quick appraisal of his good looks. He’s devoted to his wife,
but flirts outrageously with every woman he sees, much to the amusement of the
other members of Team Rainbow. During his free time, he reads about history and
takes his wife out dancing.


Born in Kansas City, Missouri. Attended
University of Oklahoma. Entered regular U.S. Army upon graduation. Served in
Kuwait. Recruited into U.S. Special Operations Psychological Operations (PSYOPS).
Served in Bosnia. Trained with 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta
(1st SFOD-D, Delta Force). Married, one daughter.

Raymond is a protector. Her first instinct in
a combat situation is to defend those around her, and to protect innocent
civilians from harm. Time after time, she has placed herself in harm’s way to
protect someone from enemy fire. She is also someone who enjoys good
conversation. During her spare time, she reads mystery novels and spends time
with her family.


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Joined
Canadian Army as a Field Engineer, served one tour of duty. Joined Special
Emergency Response Team (SERT), an elite counter-terrorism unit. When SERT was
disbanded, became member of Joint Task Force 2. Has participated in
counter-terrorist actions on three continents. Extensive experience with bomb
disposal and demolitions.

McAllen is a wiseguy. He loves to crack
jokes, particularly when disarming a bomb. His sense of humor conceals a
fearless warrior who refuses to give up, even when there are seconds left and
detonation seems imminent.


Born in Kangnung, South Korea. Enlisted in
South Korean Army. Accepted into the 707th Special Mission Battalion, making
battalion history by being the only inductee to exceed every one of the
punishing physical tests exacted upon the battalion during training. Succeeded
at lengthy solo infiltration missions behind North Korean lines.

Pak is a cautious introvert who always waits
for the other person to speak first. He is very loyal to his teammates, and
regards them as his family. In his spare time, Pak goes fishing.