Meet Sega’s Next Console: Toylets

Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Japanese branch of The House That Sonic Built And Then Subsequently Destroyed have announced that they are testing a new type of gaming platform: Toylets.

It’s actually exactly what it sounds like. Toylets are male urinals in public restrooms where you use your pee to control the on-screen action via a pressure sensor. Games currently include a graffiti-erasing sim, sumo wrestling, and hopefully soon a game where you can literally piss away all of Sega’s money, just like they did in real life.

All half-joking aside, I think this is a brilliant idea, with one small possible hickup. Going to the bathroom takes a few seconds, total. Even after drinking a whole 2-liter of soda you’d be hard-pressed to complete a few quick rounds of WarioWare. There is a solution, but I don’t think Sega (or the world) is quite ready for that one…yet.