Meet the Team Fortress Pyro and you too can believe in magic

Meet the Team Fortress 2 Pyro feature the final in the "Meet The" series for Team Fortress 2.  While you may be terrified of the Pyro in game… the truth is he's just misunderstood.  Also, he believes in magic in a young girl's heart.  I don’t know if that is less horrific or more…

Either way, enjoy this video.  I’m a huge fan of it and it makes me want to load up some TF2 later.  The video consist of the other characters frightfully exclaiming how they fear that “thing,” aka the Pyro.  After the Spy explains that, “one shutters to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie beyond that mask,” the video enters a very jolly vision how the Pyro views the world and his actions – it reminds me of Whimsyshire in Diablo 3.  Just with slightly less unicorns. 

Meet The Pyro

I believe in magic.