Meet The Order from The Order: 1886

I'm on the hype train for Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886. I'm trying to stay unbiased, but I can't. I'm loving every nugget of information, video and screenshot I get for this game. So I'm thrilled that the next part of GameInformer's coverage of the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive focused on the other characters of The Order. We already know that we are playing as Grayson / Sir Galahad, so let's meet the rest of the Knights…

First up is Isabeau D'Argyll / Lady Igraine. If you're familiar with Arthurian lore, King Arthur's mother was named Lady Igraine. In The Order: 1886, Isabeau is Galahad's knight in training. She's strong-willed, skilled in combat, and loyal to The Order. The thing is, she and Galahad have feelings for one another — feelings that they can't act on because their allegiance to The Order forbids it. The Order sounds kind of like the Jedi…

the order: 1886 characters

Photo Courtesy: GameInformer

Next up is Sebastian Malory / Sir Percival. Malory is the most seasoned warrior in Galahad's squad. He's a mentor to Galahad and is the personification of everything The Order stands for. The two are close friends. Also — little fun fact for all you kids — Sir Thomas Malory is the 15th century author who wrote Le Morte d'Arthur. 

Finally, we have Marquis de Lafayette — an actual historical figure who was made famous by fighting in both the French and American Revolutions. Lafayette is the newest Knight-in-training, but he brings "strategic expertise" and battle knowledge that makes him "an invaluable addition to Galahad's squad. He now has his eyes open to the war around him that The Order fights. In a way, he's a lot like Will Smith from Men in Black. He brings a brash, whimsical humor that will lighten the squad and otherwise dark story.

The Order: 1886 will release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in 2014.

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