Meet the cast of There Came an Echo

The second bast cast in the history of indie games

Since its announcement earlier this year, There Came an Echo — Iridium Studios' voice-controlled real-time strategy game — has largely kept to itself. I went hands-on voice-on with the game at PAX East, but haven't heard much since.

The studio made a splash initially when it revealed that Wil Wheaton would be playing a major role in the game. Other than Wesley Crusher starring in the game, not much else is known about There Came an Echo's story or cast. Today, that changes.

In a new character-focused trailer, Iridium briefly touches on the story of There Came an Echo, which sees a group of characters braving extreme danger "to uncover the mysteries around a seemingly unbreakable cryptographic lock and prevent a devastating secret from changing the very fabric of society." Joining Wil Wheaton is Ashly Burch, Laura Bailey, Yuri Lowenthal, Cassandra Lee Morris, Rachel Robinson, and Cindy Robinson. 

“We have the best voice cast in the history of indie games,” said Jason Wishnov, CEO of Iridium Studios. “Well, the guy from Bastion, he was really awesome. But we’re at least second.”