Meet newcomer Honedge from Pokémon X and Y

Today Game Freak revealed another new Pokémon due to appear in Pokémon X and Y, which is coming to the 3DS on October 12. This one's not a cute animal (sorry).

Director Junichi Masuda showed off Honedge, a Steel/Ghost-type, to fans at the Japan Expo in Paris via video message. The Pokémon is a sword that has been possessed by a departed spirit. It can control the blue cloth attached to its hilt like an appendage.

Masuda announced that Honedge can learn Swords Dance, a Normal-type move that raises the user's Attack stat.

France served as an inspiration for the game's setting, the Kalos region, and Lumiose City, a grand metropolis. "Beauty" is the game's theme, according to Masuda.

The director also said that Game Freak has put a lot of effort into a new feature called Pokémon-Amie, which lets you interact with Pokémon using the stylus. Players can pet or feed Pikachu, for instance.

Pokémon X and Y will launch worldwide on the same day.

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