Meet Metagame: the video game card game (game)

It's been said that trying to win an argument on the internet is a pointless endevor, something which seems especially true when the subject is video games. After all, every fanboy has his opinion on which game has the best graphics; the coolest weapons; the most brilliant dialogue; etc; and pitting these opinionated gamers against one another often turns even the most cultured forum community into a pack of hooting red-faced apes.

Granted, it's still fun to watch nerds yell at each other, which is why we can almost grasp the appeal behind Metagame, a new card game which lets players debate various video game topics, competing for points ala Apples to Apples

The game itself is simple. Topic cards come up which posit questions such as "Which game allows the player more freedom." Players play one of the game titles in their hand as their answer, with the game's current forum moderator choosing the winner. Repeat until someone reaches the number of points needed to win, or one of the players flips the table and storms out after playing Final Fantasy VII for "Most Innovative" and getting sadly trounced by World of Goo.

To be honest, I'd love to play this game, though the intellectual barrier to entry seems a bit high (my roommates only know of Prince of Persia as a Jake Gyllenhaal movie). That being said, if you and your friends like to rage about video game topics already, why not liven up the debate with a copy of Metagame, now entering it's second-edition printing.

Or hey, you could just argue in our forums and save some money. Your call.