Meet an old friend in new Far Cry New Dawn Story Trailer

Can friendship blossom on the battlefield?

Ubisoft released new story trailer for Far Cry New Dawn. The post-apocalyptic spin-off from Far Cry 5 is set to reunite players with old acquaintances in some unexpected ways. New Dawn is coming out February 15 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for a budget price of only $39.99. Check out the trailer!

When Ubisoft announced their Far Cry 5 spin-off last December, we immediately learned of the return of the maniacal villain Joseph Seed. But with only a tease of the lunatic, we didn’t know the extent of his return to Far Cry New Dawn. After all, during the unveiling, Ubisoft made it pretty clear that there was going to be a new threat in form of two crazy sisters.

Now, with a brand-new trailer focusing on the story of New Dawn, we get to see how our new relationship to Joseph is shaping up to be. And it’s nothing less than a major surprise. Instead of being yet another enemy for the player, it looks like our wasteland survivor will be instead teaming up with him to stand a chance against the devilish sisters. What a twist but knowing Joseph we’re not sure this new team-up is going to be a lasting one.

Despite a returning character and game location, Far Cry New Dawn is looking like a rather unique and different experience than Far Cry 5. After the world has gone down the gutter thanks to nuclear destruction, it’s hard to call New Dawn’s world the same. Visually and mechanically, it’s a very different place than it’s used to. New factions, new threats and new goals are set to alter the realistic setting of Far Cry 5 into a post-apocalyptic wasteland game. Probably more important is that Ubisoft has decided to change up the experience by implementing light RPG mechanics into the fray. A first for the series. We’re eager to see for ourselves how all these changes to the Far Cry formula are going to pan out.