Media Molecule’s Dreams out in Early Access on April 16

The whole game for only $29.99!

Media Molecule’s artistic sandbox-creation game Dreams finally has a release date as of April 16. The game is releasing exclusively on the PlayStation 4 as an Early Access title which makes it the first game of that sort appearing on the PS4. Check out the new trailer!

It has been very quiet about Dreams for a long while. So long in fact, that many assumed it would never come out, or at least not for the PlayStation 4 and instead Sony’s next-gen console. Not hard to get under that impression as Dreams was unveiled even before the PS4 came out! That’s a long development period for any game. But at last we were surprised last month by an announcement that the game is going to come out not only during the PS4’s lifespan but even before the end of the year.

Today, we finally know the concrete release date. Next month, on April 16th PlayStation 4 users will be able to experience the somewhat abstract game by Media Molecule first-hand. You see, Dreams isn’t a traditional game per se, instead it’s a true sandbox which enables players to create whatever they want. From creating games within the game to digital art, Dreams gives absolute control to the player.

Another noteworthy detail about Dreams is that it’s launching in Early Access, meaning the game won’t release in its final form and instead receive substantial updates. Buyers of the EA version will receive the final game for no extra fee, as is the standard for Early Access titles. Not having the full game at release isn’t optimal but at least the price should sweeten the deal. Dreams in Early Access will cost just $29.99. Interested readers should act fast as there are only limited spaces available during EA but Media Molecule states that it’s a “big limit”.