Medal of Honor: Warfighter Swedish ‘SOG’ class incentive for Battlefield players

If we’ve learned one thing from DICE throughout the years, it’s that they have the utmost respect for their community, especially their longtime fans. The developer’s newest addition to their military collection, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, will continue this mindset, as DICE is offering the SOG Spec Ops soldier early for players who’ve also played Battlefield.

“After making the decision to make Medal of Honor Warfighter about international warfighters, it didn’t take long before we started talking about introducing the Swedish SOG, or rather SSG and SIG as they were known back then.

There were many reasons for this. The SOG are true Tier 1 and up there with the best in terms of both training and equipment. We also traditionally have a lot of Medal of Honor players in Sweden, and we do feel a strong connection with close to a dozen Swedes on the team (myself included) and a huge Battlefield and DICE fan base within the studio.”

If you’re like me, your first response to this was probably: “What’s so great about the SOG?” According to DICE, and other thorough source checks including Wikipedia, the SOG has been one of Sweden’s pride and joys. They are extremely gifted with close quarters, including sneak attacks, and are experts in the field of Intel.  Some of the weapons these SOG will wield in Warfighter include the AK4, the AK5 and the G36, and the “weapon given to you with the Battlefield 3 Early Access SOG SpecOp is the Mk18 carbine from Daniel Defense.”

Though the SOG class will open up some unannounced time after release, it’s nice to see DICE continuing their fan support with some early access goodies; goodies that the hardcore community will eat up completely.

Source: [DICE]