MDK2 Is Out on WiiWare Today

Back in the days of the Dreamcast, Shiny’s MDK got a sequel from an unexpected source. Bioware, who went on to make Baldur’s Gate II, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age, momentarily eschewed their RPG DNA to make a seriously hardcore action game. MDK2 was a third-person shooter that took everything that made the original great and revved it up, including the difficulty.

Today, you can get the game for Wii via the WiiWare service. The port is by all accounts the same game as before, though it will be interesting to see how it plays with Wii controls.

MDK2 on WiiWare will run you 1,000 Wii points, or $10. That’s a pretty good deal, assuming the game makes a smooth transfer to the system. Just keep in mind that if it retains its notorious difficulty, you may want to keep those Wii remote straps secure.

I’m not so sure how the game will hold up by today’s standards. MDK2 is almost 16-bit in its execution, with 10 levels, boss fights, and very abstract level designs. It also has a totally bizarre sense of humor, with one character fighting off enemies with nuclear toast.

As a brutal, punishing example of Bioware earning their action game chops, the game is almost worth it for the historical novelty. I don’t know if Mass Effect 2 would be the game it is without the practice run MDK2 afforded the company.

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