McMillen Sheds Light on The Binding of Isaac

Last week we reported on an upcoming game by Team Meat member Edmund McMillen. The indie developer didn’t reveal much about the game, but he did say he was almost finished with the project. In an interview with IGN, McMillen delved deeper into his upcoming roguelike RPG titled The Binding of Isaac, and you can bet it sounds like an awesome indie game.

The man behind titles such as Super Meat Boy, Time Fcuk, and Aether stated on his blog that The Binding of Isaac was based on his favorite game of all time. Talking to IGN, he clarified that the game was inspired by Nintendo’s grand exploratory epic. “It’s actually a play on The Legend of Zelda, but it’s also a reference to the bible,” explained McMillen.

The game will touch on the story of Abraham, but McMillen explained that The Binding of Isaac will be very humorous and should not offend anyone. “The game has minor biblical themes based around Abraham going to sacrifice his son to prove to God that he believed in Him—which is dark in itself,” said the Team Meat developer. “So you’ve got this kid whose mum wants to kill him, and he escapes into the basement to get away from her and eventually—maybe—conquer her.”

The game’s roguelike gameplay design, coupled with the story, should make for an interesting creation. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Binding of Isaac and play the heck out of it. Expect it to land on PC this September.