Maz Kanata confirmed to return in Star Wars: Episode 8

Actress says that the old barkeep is not a one-and-done

The old barkeeper/not a Jedi but knows a lot about them character, Maz Kanata played by one Lupita Nyong’o is officially confirmed to have some sort of role in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII. Nyong'o made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and squashed some rumor (which doesn't seem terribly widespread) that Nyong'o would not be reprising her role.

She said:

"I don’t know where this rumor came from! I have no idea. It hurt my feelings."

She continued, revealing that her work on the movie is finished:

"I shot my scenes, it’s coming out – you never really know, when you shoot your scenes in a movie, which ones are gonna make it and all that. So, it’s always, ‘Fingers crossed!’

But as far as I know, I’m in it.”

Any hint at Kanata not returning wouldn't appear to make any sense, as there seems to be a much larger backstory for the character that we just don't know about. While there's a good chance that two 2.5 hours movies won't be enough to cover everything, you have to think there's some role (perhaps this generation's Yoda) that has yet to be revealed. Say for example, how the hell did she get Luke Skywalker's lightsaber that was supposed to have his severed hand wrapped around it in the depths of Cloud City?

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