Maxis working to resolve SimCity’s Regional Trading, rollback issues, and disappearing cities

With SimCity's server issues largely fixed, Maxis can now turn its attention to fixing in-game bugs and errors. While patches continue to rollout regularly, Maxis has posted an update regarding known issues with the game that the developer is "currently aware of and working to resolve." Although they are currently addressing the issues, the post didn't reveal how far along they are in solving the problem. Either way, you can see what Maxis is working on below:

Regional Trades working intermittently – We've seen reports where regional goods and services are intermittently not properly being traded. The dev team is aware of this and are working on a resolution to get the trading functionality working properly. Thanks for your patience as we get this ironed out. 

Rollback issues "Cannot process this city at this time" – We've come across reports of players receiving the following error message when trying to log into their city: "Cannot process this city at this time". The development team is currently looking into these reports. 

Cities not showing – We've seen reports of players that are missing cities. The dev team is aware and are looking into this. 

The only problem I've actually encountered from the above is regional trades, though I feel this is more of a server syncing issue. On multiple occasions, I've had to exit the game and re-log for my city to feel the affects of my neighbors' buildings. Though the game is clearly in much better shape now than on launch day, this just goes to show that Maxis is far from being in the clear. Be sure to check back today for our official scored review of SimCity.

Are you noticing any game-breaking issues with SimCity? Let us know in the comments below!