Max & the Magic Marker Headed to DS

You may remember Max & the Magic Marker as the game that has appeared on practically every console known to man. OK, so in all fairness, it’s only launched for PC, WiiWare, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone 7. That’s still a lengthy list of platforms.

You can now add one more, because Max & the Magic Marker is set to make its debut for Nintendo’s dual screen handheld. I see some of you 3DS owners already getting really excited. Well, stop, because Max & the Magic Marker isn’t coming to the 3DS. No, the physics-based platformer will instead land on Nintendo’s older portable, the original DS.

Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Max & the Magic Marker. Though my first couple of hours with the game were certainly fun, I found that the physics were a bit frustrating, and the gameplay wasn’t as fulfilling as it could have been. That said, the game has been received fairly well, and if you want to have some quick and innocent fun on the go, Max & the Magic Marker for the DS could be a solid buy for you.

The port is being published by Easy Interactive, and it will drop this holiday season. If you haven’t already played the game and have been meaning to, watch out for the DS version. Hmm… I wonder if they’ll ever release the game for the 3DS.