Max Payne 3 looks all kinds of pretty on PC

Let me tell you folks a little story. Back when I got my PlayStation 2 years ago, Max Payne was one of the first games I got for the console. I absolutely loved it. I loved the shooting, I loved the action, and you bet your behind I loved the story and characters.

I eventually played Max Payne on a friend's PC when I went to hang out with him and found out he had gone out to play basketball. I noticed that the game looked much better from a graphical standpoint, and it also had a few extra areas that were closed off in the PlayStation 2 version.

I then played Max Payne 2 on my PlayStation 2, and once again, I absolutely freakin' loved it. Of course, I soon saw the PC version, which, again, had nicer graphics. But what really got my attention with that version was the crazily exaggerated nature of the ragdoll physics. The way enemies flew around was comical and awesome.

Now, it looks like the PC version of Max Payne 3 is going to be something I'll have to check out. Sure, my rig can't handle the game, which is why I'm getting it on my PlayStation 3, but I still intend on checking it out for PC. Maybe I'll go visit that buddy of mine and see if he has it on his computer.

Check out some snazzy screens of Max Payne 3 right here:

The game looks gorgeous, doesn't it? Also, I'm still not crazy about bald Max.