Max Payne 3 available for PC today

If you are strictly a PC gamer then you probably already know this, but Max Payne 3 is now available worldwide for PC at retail and via digital download.

"Max Payne's roots are with the PC community, so it was essential to us that Max Payne 3 live up to that heritage," said Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser. "We're proud to deliver the PC community the next installment in Max's dark and twisted journey."

Developed in parallel with the critically acclaimed console versions, Max Payne 3 for PC delivers the "ultimate Max Payne 3 experience", supporting a wide range of PC specifications, plus advanced graphics options, scalable high-resolution textures and character models, DirectX11 features, LAN support, multi-monitor support and stereoscopic 3D compatibility.

Last week, Rockstar's lead PC designer Kevin Hoare promised owners of higher-spec PC hardware can "sink their teeth in to" Max Payne 3.

"It’s when you get towards the top end of that range that you can really push a game to its limits, and the game will look and run incredibly on the most advanced current machines around at the moment and well into the near future," he promised.

During Take-Two Interactive's annual fiscal conference call, the parent company revealed Max Payne 3 sold "approximately" 3 million units during its inital launch on consoles.

You can find Max Payne 3's PC specs here.