Matrix Games Releases War In The Pacific v1.30 Update

Matrix Games Releases War In The Pacific v1.30 Update

Major Update Fixes Bugs and Adds New Features


Staten Island, NY, November 3rd, 2004 – Matrix Games and 2
by 3 Games ( are
pleased to announce the release of the third post-release update for the
acclaimed War In The Pacific.


This update includes a large list of fixes and improvements, ranging from a
final fix for some reported sound issues to many AI opponent enhancements and
a reduction in the effectiveness of PT boats.  Over sixty fixes and new
features to the game system combine with 115 data fixes and updates to make
this a must have patch for every War In The Pacific player.


The v1.30 update is available online as a comprehensive update for all
previous versions as well as a smaller incremental update for owners of War
In The Pacific
who already updated to v1.21 and are experiencing no sound


(The update can be found on GameZone –


Based on the highly acclaimed Uncommon Valor design, War In the Pacific
is a completely new and massive undertaking that is considered the latest
masterpiece from the veteran team at 2 by 3 Games, which includes Gary
Grigsby, Keith Brors and Joel Billings.


The scale of War in the Pacific: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945 is 60
miles per hex and losses are individual vehicles, aircraft, guns and squads.
Since half the planet Earth is covered by the titanic Pacific struggle, the
game is massive in scope, covering thousands of ships tens of thousands of
aircraft. Virtually every ship, air group and battalion sized or larger troop
formation is covered in exacting detail.


For more information, visit the website at or check
the main Matrix Games page at



Matrix Games produces, markets and publishes
historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products.  Since 2002,
Matrix Games has published several award-winning games, including Korsun
Pocket, Uncommon Valor
and Eric Young’s Squad Assault. Matrix Games
is based in Staten Island, New York.  For more information, visit the Matrix
Games website at



2 by 3 is about World War 2 games done by 3
guys – Gary Grigsby, Keith Brors and Joel Billings.  Veteran designers and
developers with multiple Hall of Fame titles under their belts, they are in
the midst of a scheduled three game series which started with the highly
acclaimed Uncommon ValorWar in the Pacific is their second
design in this series for Matrix Games, which will be followed by the highly
anticipated grand strategy title World at War in early 2005.  For more
information, visit their website at