Matrix Games Announces the PureSim Season Opener Sale and a new 1.71 Update!

April 1, 2008

Matrix Games Announces the
PureSim Season Opener Sale and a new 1.71 Update!

No, this isn’t an April fool’s
joke! Get 35% off PureSim Baseball now through April 7th!

Matrix Games and PureSim are
thrilled to announce the PureSim Season Opener Sale and a new 1.71 Update that
adds support for the newly released Lahman 2007 database. Now baseball fans can
snatch this award-winning line drive of a game for 35% off the original price
starting on April 1st and going until midnight on April 7th. This means the
digital download price is now reduced to $19.49 from the original $29.99 – a
savings of $10.50! Grab your copy while supplies last!

David Heath, Director of Operations
at Matrix Games, said “This Season Opener Sale is really a home run for baseball
fans. PureSim Baseball 2007 provides every bit of the excitement and strategy
found in baseball and with incredible customization too!”

The new 1.71 update adds a new
roster size option of 40, numerous simulation speed improvements and some AI and
stat improvements. It also includes support for the new 2007 Lahman Database,
allowing you to play with the latest real players and teams as well as
historical ones.

PureSim Baseball 2007 uses an
automatically-generated dream almanac containing thousands of pages of detailed
stats on players and team histories. Directly integrated into the game, it uses
standard HTML formatting which allows it to be published onto the web. The
Lahman database is fully licensed and integrated into PureSim Baseball 2007,
making it easier than ever to play with historical players and teams from 1900
to 2006! PureSim Baseball 2007 includes multiple levels of minors (A, AA, AAA),
flexibility in allowing players to simulate any Major League season from 1900 to
2007, with 2008 support on the way. The game’s unique player aging system,
completely customizable parks and leagues, and the ability to edit any aspect of
any detail found within the game all round out a sharper, quicker, and more
intense baseball simulation.

PureSim Baseball 2007 also lets the
slugger in you design your own teams and leagues, giving you the opportunity to
field a real ‘fantasy’ team against any opponent in online or offline play. Your
players, like your organization, will grow; their skills fluctuate, they age,
and eventually, they retire. All the while you pull the purse strings and
negotiate the hard contracts that will ensure your dynasty has the power it
needs to stay on top.

Get more information on PureSim
Baseball from its product page.

Click here to download the latest
v1.71 update for

PureSime Season Opener