Massive Update Scheduled Next Week for SplashFighters

December 11, 2009

Massive Update Scheduled Next Week for

Many New Functions Planned to be Added Next Week

CyberStep Communications Inc. is pleased to announce another
Massive Update to be scheduled next week on December 17th, 2009. Following
contents will be added in this massive update:


・Guild Battle In Tournament Mode
・Styles “Mercenary” & “Phalanx”
・NPC Character Outlook Revision
・UI Revision for “Quest” & Quest Adds
・Replay Function
・Total Ranking Change Indicator
・Winning Percentage Calculation
・Change Number of Players in Room
・Random Room Name
・Bundle Buy

As in the list, 10 new functions will be added for more joy
playing SplashFighters. Below would be the 4 functions management team would
like to introduce as the “main dish” of this neat Christmas update menu.

* Guild Battle in Tournament

This function will enable players to hold
Guild V.S. Guild team battle in tournament mode.
With this, players can enjoy fighting
with other guilds with your best friends,
and can aim to be the most skilled guild in SplashFighters.

* Styles “Mercenary” & “Phalanx”

2 new styles “Mercenary” and “Phalanx” are unique, as usual.

Mercenary is well-trained combat style, which enables you
to be good at most of the weapons in SplashFighters,
and it even allows you to pick up weapons while running
around the battlefield without hesitating.

Phalanx would be a heavy armed, heavy powered style.
Many of their skills will give major impact to opponents,
and although having a mighty power, it still has some mobility,
which should be enough to frighten opponents in many of the maps.

* Replay Function

No more lags while taking a video. By turning on the function,

players will be able to record the matches, and replay it
afterwards to check their moves, or view fascinating combos.
This light record player should be one of the most convenient
function in SplashFighters, if you are movie-maniac.

* Bundle Buy

Players will be able to buy items in bundle by a set price.

Buying by a bundle, it should be more a discount than
buying the items separately. For the list of items
that would be the subject of this function,
please stay tuned to our official site announcement.

Above would be only a description for some of the functions
that would be added in this massive update. Players should note that these are
description and images from the test play and some of the release content or
schedule of the functions may change for improvements.

Also please note that besides these update, management team is
going to put a new Christmas Map, and new GM Draw to enlarge the joy for this
great Christmas season.

Management team hopes this variety of addition would add more
joy and excitement for playing the fascinating and exciting online action game,

SplashFighters is…
Whether you have five minutes or five hours, whether you’re a beginner or a
master, SplashFighters is an online no-holds-barred 3D action game for everyone!
With 26 million people in 12 territories already playing (as of Sep 2008), what
are you waiting for?!