Massive Battlefield 1 update adds 2 new modes and more this month

Full speed ahead for the year's best shooter so far

Only three weeks since Battlefield 1 launched, EA and DICE have already announced that their first major update will go live this month. 

In a post on the Battlefield blog, the developer detailed a lot of changes that will be hitting the battlefield (pun intended). Although we have no exact dates for any of them, there will be a Battlefest event on November 16th that will feature a number of different announcements. DICE has indicated that community missions will take place along with changes to Battlepacks. The event will take place over one week and also provide rewards to anyone who logs into the game during that time.

The rest of the updates are as follows:

  1. Hardcore servers
  2. Suez map will have 5 points to hold in Conquest, with A and C being smaller areas. Each team gets 1 armored vehicle in their base added
  3. Fog of War game mode – As indicated, it will be a fog covered map giving us very little visibility, along with no mini maps or soldier markers
  4. Huge update – On top of all of this, there will also be one separate update that is going to include a rent a server program, brand new game mode and more.

The Fog of War mode sounds really interesting. The little blue markers over your teammates head really helps in low lying maps, as well as maps with low visibility like this new mode. Taking that away along with the in game mini-map will surely have an interesting impact on gameplay. No word on what the additional game mode will be, but that will most likely come during the week long event.

DICE likes to spread these updates out usually. Since we have no dates, my guess (and it's a total guess) is that the hardcore servers and Suez map changes launch before the 16th, most likley next week. Fog of War will debut during the event, and the new modes and update will take place after toward the end of the month. This will all lead into the release of the free December map Giant's Shadow, which also has no real information as of yet. 

Let us know what you think of the update below. Oh yeah, and a special PSA from all of us players


Let the medics to their job. Thank you.