Mass Effect: Evolution Comic Reveals the Illusive Man’s Backstory

With a name like Illusive Man you’d think Shepard’s boss from Mass Effect 2 would remain, well, elusive. Luckily, a new comic by Dark Horse is arriving January 19th to give fans a peak behind the curtain of this mysterious character.

The comic, entitled Mass Effect: Evolution, is penned by ME2 lead writer Mac Walters, with help from co-writer John Jackson Miller and artist Omar Francia. Based on preview panels it seems to chronicle Illusive Man’s Shepard-esque heroism in the first contact war with the Turians. Maybe he’s not so bad after all?

A press release from Dark Horse reveals more: “Evolution introduces a younger and very different Illusive Man, fighting to maintain human autonomy from alien interference, a cause that takes him behind enemy lines and into conflict with some of Mass Effect’s most dangerous figures. His journey from dissident to power broker presents new insights into the Mass Effect saga for existing fans, while the focus on the earliest days of Cerberus provides a riveting story of action and intrigue for sci-fi readers of all stripes.”

Preview images can be found here.