Mass Effect’s new Tali’Zorah statue will bring peace to the Geth

"Back on my pilgrimage"

Holy hell this statue is good looking. From the original Mass Effect Trilogy comes one beautiful looking Tali’Zorah nar Rayya figurine. This bad boy is ¼ scale and all Quarian – the artist is Gurjeet Singh. As one of the few characters to have on your crew in all games, who better to have loyal in your place of residence or work?

This genius Quarian stands at a solid 19 inches, rocks her enviro-suit with mask, while branding The Scorpion Pistol. Don’t like The Scorpion Pistol? There is an even rarer version with an Arc Pistol. Like most beautiful things, it comes with a price. Tali comes with a price tag of $329.99 as part of a limited time offer. On top of that, Gaming Heads is only making 500. Choices choices. If this is something you can’t live without, feel free to pre-order HERE.

Check out the image below!

Tali Statue