Mass Effect Liara statue tantalizes the community


BioWare placement of a Liara T’Soni statue on their site-store has been getting a large amount of traffic and attention.  This Kotobukiya made product features our favorite Asari from all of the Mass Effect games. 

This Liara statue stands at nearly 10 inches on a unique display scale.  This alley and possible romance for both male and fem Shepard has more than once proven herself to the squad.  It comes packing the M-5 Phalanx at the ready and her M-3 Predator holstered at her hip.  Why not have her statue in your office (desk swag) or home?     

Her art style is that of bishoujo – “beautiful young girl;” this Japanese style depicts women as young and beautiful in an anime-esque way.  As you can see in the more close up picture of the statue (below), Liara has a more anime look to her.  While the statue does look like the Asari, her look is much less dark than the in-game character’s appearance.    

The controversy stems from the statue’s chest.  Liara, like other Asari, has average sized breasts.  Part of this bishoujo style enlarged Liara’s chest which features it.  Her chest is more defined than in the game.  Apparently this has caused an outrage from some of the ME community. 

In my personal opinion, this is just an artist interpretation of Liara.  Just because it isn’t an identical representation of the Asari doesn’t mean it’s a bad statue.  While many are upset about this figure, the product is already out of stock for pre-order alone.  It seems like people DO like it.

When the statue gets restocked it will be sold for $60.  Even if you are able to get a pre-order, it won’t ship until late April 2012.  You can purchase this from BioWare store or from the Kotobukiya store.