Mass Effect Andromeda currently has ‘absolutely no plans’ for Project Scorpio improvements

We will see if that changes...

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been the big story in the world of gaming over the last 24 hours, and all of it has been good. Unfortunately, if you are an Xbox fan eagerly anticipating the incremental upgrade known as Project Scorpio, don't expect Mass Effect: Andromeda to have any enhancements for the platform when it releases. In an interview with Stevivor, BioWare’s Michael Gamble explained that the company currently has 'absolutely no plans right now' for any Project Scorpio enhancements. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda is currently slated to get PS4 Pro upgrades, though the exact nature of which is currently unknown. The only thing we can say for sure is that the game will be 30 FPS no matter which console platform you play on. Gamble did not explain why the Scorpio would not get any enhancements, but did not close the door completely saying, "You never know what’ll happen after that."

Mass Effect: Andromeda will also not be coming to the Nintendo Switch either, though Gamble would not commit to the finality of the decision saying, "We’re not planning on it. If the Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for Mass Effect, who knows. We never want to close doors like that."

So basically, don't plan on it happening, but make enough noise and show 'em the money, and that'll probably change.

Source: [Stevivor via Game Rant]