Mass Effect 3 Special Forces trailer features the playable races and their abilities

Alright, my mind is officially blown.  I honestly watched this trailer three times before I could write a thing about it.  I turned around in my chair and a coworker asked if it was good?  With my jaw still open I sheepishly nodded.  The multiplayer trailer for the third-person, futuristic/RPG/shooter is below.

Regaining my composure, ahem, this Mass Effect 3 Special Forces trailer contains the seven playable races for multiplayer and their three corresponding unique abilities.  It appears that each race will mirror one of the classes Shepard is able to play in the single player game such as the soldier and vanguard.  Although the classes are repeated, the three abilities are still unique.  The classes attached to the races highlights their specific strengths.  For example Quarians are excellent engineers thus the Quarian is an engineer. 

Remember that this co-op multiplayer mode won’t be necessary to complete the single player game, but it can help you get the best ending much easier.   Playing multiplayer Mass Effect is like a dream come true and I am personally quite excited for this feature for the end of Shepard’s trilogy.    

Below are the screenshots with the race, class, and abilities.  Any picture can be clicked on to enlarge.  Enjoy!  March is quickly approaching.