Mass Effect 3 Special Edition confirmed as Wii U launch-day title

Mass Effect 3 Special Edition has been confirmed as a Wii U launch title, meaning it will now be available the same day Nintendo's new console releases. Although BioWare previously mentioned it'd be a launch title, the exact day remained up in the air. Now we know it will release right alongside the Wii U. BioWare Edmonton external producer Melanie Faulknor today made the announcement, while highlighting a few of the special features Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will offer those who pick the game up on the Wii U.

"As this was the first time a Mass Effect game would be on a Nintendo console, we wanted to make sure we had a partner that really had a lot of experience working with Nintendo – and that’s what Straight Right delivered," Faulknor said in a blog post today. "This was important because this was more than just a standard port project. We’ve added additional content and new features to fully utilize the Wii U GamePad."

Some of the new features include the ability to control your squadmates, utilize both Shepard and your squad’s abilities and even play Mass Effect 3 all from the GamePad. Additionally, the Special Edition will ship with all of the bonus content like the From Ashes DLC, the Extended Cut DLC, the Rebellion, Resurgence, and Earth multiplayer packs, and a bonus heavy weapon already on disc.

Since this is the first time Mass Effect will be available for Nintendo console owners, BioWare decided they must include a way for players to not only learn about the backstory of the trilogy, but make decisions that will ultimately shape the way Mass Effect 3 ends. For that they are including a new update to the Genesis interactive back story comic from Dark Horse which was first released when Mass Effect 2 came to the PS3. This will allow Wii U players to learn the backstory of both prior Mass Effect games and make key decisions at certain story points. These decisions will create a save game that you can import into Mass Effect 3 for a more personalized experience or to see other endings you may have missed based on your decisions.

"I’m really excited that Nintendo fans will have the opportunity to experience the Mass Effect universe. When we were at Nintendo’s launch announcement event in New York, we spoke to a lot of gamers who hadn’t had the chance to play Mass Effect because we’ve never released on a Nintendo console before and seeing how exited they were to play the game is one of the best things about this project," Faulknor concluded. "I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed working on the project!"

Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will be available when the Wii U launches on November 18 in North America, November 30 in Europe, and December 5 in Japan.