Mass Effect 3 producers tease fans with fresh screenshots

And the Mass Effect 3 train keeps on rolling, doesn’t it? Today, both producers Casey Hudson and Michael Gamble tweeted new Mass Effect 3 screenshots. The pictures themselves, presumably DLC, do not reveal a lot about where the latest installment could be adventuring to next, so as you can imagine, interpretation is running amuck across the Internet.

The first photo has a Citadel vibe, as it reveals a casino/night club setting – something already present in the current Citadel. The second photo, however, simply shows a pissed off Krogan with a Halo Gravity Hammer-looking weapon. Is it a new Krogan? One we’ve crossed paths with before? Your guess is as good as ours.

Below are the screenshots: 

ME3 casino

ME3 Krogan

Any speculations on what these images are teasing for the coming DLC? Where would you like to see the game go in its next expansion? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [Twitter]