Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenges now supported on PS3

PS3 fans rejoice!  The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer events, previously available only to Xbox 360 and PC owners, are now being supported on the PlayStation 3.

An update to this weekend's Operation Exorcist reveals the multiplayer challenge will now be open to PS3 players as well.

"By now it is no secret that the Reaper War has had its share of logistical SNAFUs," someone pretending to be Admiral Hackett wrote in the BioWare blog in reference to the PS3 not having access to these N7 Weekend Challenges. "It is to the galaxy’s credit that, when we put out the call for volunteers, we were answered by individuals of every species from Citadel, Traverse, and even Terminus space. Unfortunately, the diversity of equipment sources meant our allies ran into hardware and software incompatibilities."

"These brave men and women have been fighting beside you and, in doing so, have gone above and beyond normal duty. Because their units were not properly tracked, they fought without pay and sometimes without proper training, equipment, even rations. It is a mark of their character that these warriors took the grave task set before us and stuck it out through sheer determination."

"It is time to honor their service. A volunteer task force has fabricated the necessary hardware and is rolling out compatibility software. When these installations are complete, these soldiers will benefit from being properly equipped and combat-ineffective troops will get off the bench. We’ll all have more comrades watching our backs, and we’re now watching theirs."

In short, Sony and BioWare have finally worked out a deal to bring these multiplayer challenges, which reward players with in-game items and upgrades for taking part, to the PlayStation 3.  This is great news for PlayStation owners who were caught in limbo between a dispute with BioWare and Sony who couldn't seem to agree on the promotion.

PS3 players can take part in their first N7 challenge, Operation Exorcist, which is set to go live today at 6:00 PM PST and run until April 30th at 5:00 PM PST.