Mass Effect 3: Leviathan arrives today on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan, the new "story-driven" single player expansion, arrives today on Xbox 360 and PC and on PlayStation 3 in North America. For PS3 owners in Europe it will be available tomorrow, August 29.

The new expansion sends Commander Shepard and his crew on a mission to discover the origins of the Reapers. Expanding upon the events of Mass Effect 3, Shepard and crew travel to a distant planet while piecing together a shocking theory that could potentially turn the tides in the war against the Reapers.

“With Mass Effect 3 DLC, we really want to focus on providing players with new experiences that are unique and special,” said Producer Mike Gamble. “With Leviathan, we wanted to give our fans the chance to really explore, discover and learn more about the universe they love.”

In addition to the new story, Leviathan also includes two new weapons — the AT-12 Raider Shotgun and M-55 Argus Rifle — which will be quite useful as Shepard plunges to the depths of the galaxy to uncover and encounter a mysterious being.

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan can be purchased for $9.99, or 800 Microsoft Points.