Mass Effect 3 ‘From Ashes’ DLC not entirely on disc, says EA

Mass Effect 3's day one DLC 'From Ashes' is not entirely on the disc, EA has said.

Responding to allegations that arose over the weekend when a fan claimed that by altering a single line of code in the PC version of Mass Effect 3, you could unlock the Prothean squadmate for play without downloading the DLC, EA has defended that certain basic elements needed to be included to ensure a smooth integration.

"From Ashes is a 600 MB+ download with all new content, including the mission on Eden Prime, new dialogue options and conversations with Javik, new cinematics, the Prothean weapon, and new appearances for all squad members. All of the above content was completed while the main game was in certification and are not available on the disc," EA told GameInformer.

"As stated previously, in order to seamlessly integrate Javik into the core campaign, certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc. We did something similar with Zaeed and Kasumi in Mass Effect 2," EA concluded in their statement.

After the From Ashes DLC was leaked, fans attacked EA's business practices and accused them of unfairly withholding already completed content from the Mass Effect 3 game to sell it separately at release.

BioWare responded to the accusations, saying the game had been completed long before the team began work on From Ashes.

"It takes about 3 months from 'content complete' to bug-fix, certify, manufacture, and ship game discs.  In that time we work on DLC," Hudson said.

Even ex-BioWare employees have come out to defend the day one DLC – saying the day one DLC allows a broad range of players to experience the add-on.  Christina Norman argued that by waiting a year or say after release, many players have already sold the game back to retailers.

Fans don't seem to be too turned off by the thought of release day DLC.  Aside from 890,000 copies sold in the first 24 hours in the U.S. and the game claiming top sales spot in the UK, fans have flocked to From Ashes.  According to a press release, GameStop saw 40% of day one customers also purchase the download code for From Ashes.