Mass Effect 3 ‘Earth’, ‘Extended Cut’ DLC rumored

Reddit user derptemp6698, the same person who accurately detailed Mass Effect 3's Rebellion Pack weeks ahead of its official announcement, has made new claims surrounding the next DLC add-on, Mass Effect 3: Earth.  Although he offers no citation, he claims the DLC will introduce new gear, weapons and maps for Rio, Vancouver, and London.

derptemp6698 writes:

The fighting is fiercest when it's your home at stake! Mass Effect 3™: Earth adds mods, gear, and new maps for Rio, Vancouver, and London. It features 3 new weapons: Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon light machine gun. Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer, Paladin, Demolisher, Slayer, Shadow, and Fury!

The tipsters also mentioned Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – free DLC designed to provide "closure" to the sharply critisized ending – although he really didn't share any information we didn't already know.

An expanded ending for Mass Effect 3. Additional scenes and an extended epilogue reveal the impact of Shepard's choices on the future of the galaxy.

Extended Cut, announced back in April, is BioWare's response to fan outcry over the ending of Mass Effect 3. It will not be a re-imagining of the endings or a new ending. The end goal is to give players a sense of "personalization with the endings", BioWare originally said.

Unfortunately, derptemp6698 indicated no release date for either add-on, but did note that they are separate expansion.