Mass Effect 3 Designers on Cover And Melee

Once again, Eric Fagnan (Gameplay Designer) and Corey Gaspur (Combat Designer) talk about some of the changes in combat abilities and mechanics in Mass Effect 3.  This time the focus is making Shepard more dynamic in the heat of the battle.  The clip can be seen below or on THIS link.

Some new features have been added to Shepard's arsenal.  While taking cover, Shepard can now do 90 degree turns around corners, he / she can roll to other near locations, and Shepard will look around corners allowing players to know location to run too.  The cover system is much more “elegant” and smooth than before.  It reminds me of the cover in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The Omni Blade is getting some sound and impact changes.  Fagnan and Gaspur talk about impact reactions to blade hits.  If a strong melee attack hits an enemy, they will stumble back more in reaction than if a light hit were to occur.  The BioWare developers talk about how the reactivity of enemies is important to them in ME3.